Red Cultural Europea

The Librea of Valle de Guerra is part of the European Cultural Network Routes of Lepanto which is joined by the idea of conserving, investigating and disseminating all the legacy that emerges from the tangible and intangible heritage of the battle of Lepanto, transforming this historical event from the past in a cultural vehicle in the present and in the future.

The European Cultural Network Routes of Lepanto has proposed to the European Union that on October 7 it be declared as a day of agreement between the peoples in order to reflect and undertake actions that lead to increasing public awareness, and especially of youth, around peace, tolerance and solidarity.
The members of the European Cultural Network Routes of Lepanto are committed to fostering dialogue, the exchange of experiences between the communities involved and the development of common projects.

In October 2015, an international meeting was held in the Greek city of Lepanto, in whose waters the well-known battle took place over four centuries ago, in which a representation of the Valle de Guerra livery participated.
In 2017, the III International Meeting of European Lepanto Routes was held in Tenerife, so that between October 6 and 8, 2017, a representation of several Italian cities (Messina, San Severo, Gaeta, Palermo, Venice, Nicosia and Marino), from Germany (Regensburg), Greece (Lepanto), Cyprus (Famagusta) and Spain (Yuste and Barlovento).

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